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above all things, i believe in art, music, and creation; i find beauty in unconventional thinking.
namaste. i am the rain. 21 and in love with nature. labels are stupid, we are one and should live as such.
i'm awkward, awful with words, and i have the most dreadful time talking about my feelings. i am molded perfectly from the clay of my mother earth. and whether or not you agree, i'm exactly who i'm meant to be. and i am beautiful. and so are you.

when it comes right down to it, i'm just another radical, opinionated, ganja-smoking asshole with a blog and a wicked head of dreaddies.

usually residing somewhere in orange county

i dig things like animals, outdoors, dreads, mary jane, fantasy, and most things strange and a little disturbing. maybe i'll like your blog idk give it a shot.

self indulgence // pictures, videos, and other personal shit // let's be friends.

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flowers blooming

Mt. Roraima, Venezuela

© maryjane-and-autumnrain
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